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Results of employee engagement. To have a fair and equal approach to ways of working and implement flexible ways of working as a benefit.

This was a project with less on-site and direct involvement than usually seen with our larger clients and really helps illustrate that flexible ways of working can be created in every size of business.


Within this project, our key focus was to strategically guide the client to enable them to have the necessary conversations with their team and undertake the implementation needed to make a real and sustainable change.

Our client had already embraced formal flexible working but wanted to change their culture and empower their whole team of over 40 people, to be able to enjoy flexible ways of working.


Having spent some time face to face with the project lead and a Company Director understanding the motivation, concerns and aspirations for the new ways of working, we implemented the project alongside the client remotely to;

  • create content for an Executive Board presentation
  • construct the format of leadership interviews to understand concerns and thoughts of each team member
  • design a flexible way of working framework ensuring that the new behaviours and boundaries reflected the leadership needs – for example – reminding everyone that Fridays is a whole team day with a get together after work so working from home days should be rare
  • undertake sessions to agree on boundaries for each team
  • start a pilot and implement the full programme

We kept in touch via email and phone throughout the process and were able to provide remote coaching to help the project lead discuss and overcome situations or points as they arose, such as helping them work with the executive team to overcome their worries and build trust.

We then met face to face after the pilot period was complete and sought feedback a few months after the new approach had gone live where we discovered it had settled in nicely, the new ways of working were being embraced and there had been no upheaval or issues as a result, which was the clients biggest fear.

We also helped the client build and implement an employee questionnaire before and after the changes.


After the new culture of working was introduced the client commented that the changes felt like they had always been there as the shift was such a subtle one.

With full management support and employee awareness, the new systems were implemented ensuring that the core company ethos and culture was preserved – a particular concern within such a collaborative and creative environment.

Previous perceptions that flexible working was just for “those with kids” was broken down and everyone at the organisation now has a choice around where when and how they work within the companies clear and defined boundaries.


  • Reduced turnover
  • Enhanced recruitment and talent attraction
  • Increased employee engagement
  • More consistent approach to ways of working

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