Medium Sized Business – Financial Services


Intentional Cultural Change. To undertake a workplace and style strategy review to understand the appetite for more flexible ways of working.


The catalyst for this project was to help the business understand their workplace culture and strategy as part of a larger project around organisational values, wellbeing and talent considerations.

The business was completely reviewing their “People Agenda”, had recently redefined and shared their new values and were continuing on a cultural change journey with their employee workgroups playing a central role, which included a decision on whether to remain in their existing location or relocate to an alternative part of the local area.

The business, like many, has a wide variety of roles, many direct customer facing within standard business hours and acknowledged that some roles would have limited options on flexible working, however, wished to discuss possibilities regardless.


We undertook a series of business needs interviews with the leadership team, held Executive Board sessions and workshops which included managers and the core employee team. These helped us understand the current situation, what was good and not so good today in the business, and the catalysts and concerns towards changing the ways of work and creating a vision for the future.


Creation of a workplace and strategy report which took into account the trends and concerns that came from the interviews and sessions, best practice and industry data and provided examples of possible ways forward to improve business culture and growth.


  • Ensuring employee and managerial involvement in the creation of the future vision
  • Enabling the business to review future options with a deeper understanding of their organisational culture
  • Creation of a clear vision for the future

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